Ferry Beach, Maine Park – Almost

Today I got ahead of myself. It was 46 degrees and sunny! I wanted to explore Ferry Beach State Park now that we live further south, but clearly there is still snow on the beaches. You can still get into the park, you just have to trek through the snow from the entrance. With a one and three-year old in tow I thought better of doing that alone. So, we settled for a view of the beach via a roadside birding stand. I should clarify, I settled and my three-year old had a melt down for fifteen minutes after leaving. That’ll teach me, maybe. 

I’m dreaming of spring and summer so hard! If I just will it long enough it’ll happen, right? This usually happens every March.

March and April are those in-between months where it can start to warm up, but not always as fast as you’d like. At least we got out.

dreaming of Ferry Beach State Park

Ah those moments before he pushed her face first into the snow. Thankfully it was just snow, and no injuries occurred. The sibling rivalry is strong already.

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