Consider This – What Should We Wear For Our Family Photos?

What should we wear for our family photo session?

Every photographer encounters this question from clients, all the time. I ask my clients to steer clear of large swaths of busy prints and everyone in the same color. Although if that’s your thang, I’ll still take your picture! Try to go with the items your family is comfortable in. Just formalize them a little, and take the color wheel into consideration. What do I mean when I say this?

So below is an example of color theory.  The color wheel is a representation of the primary (red, blue, yellow), secondary (green, orange, purple) and tertiary colors.  Secondary colors are combos of two primary colors. For example red and blue make purple.  Tertiary colors are a combo of one primary with one secondary or two secondary colors.  Using this wheel can help you make color combinations that are pleasing to look at.

Another example is complimentary colors.  These are exactly what they sound like and lie directly across from one another on the color wheel, like red and green. Another example would be orange and blue. I find myself choosing complimentary colors when I dress my kiddos and myself in the morning now without even trying. #photographerproblems

White, black and gray are pure neutrals. Neutral colors do not show up on the color wheel. They can be created by mixing two complimentary colors or a pure color with white, black or gray.  Near neutrals include browns, tans and darker colors. Neutrals go with almost everything, but take into consideration what colors would be added or subtracted from white and black to create near neutrals. For example to attain brown a near neutral you could mix orange and blue or purple and yellow or red and green to get various shades of brown.  

Below I chose to dress my family in hues of blue with neutrals. Again one way to make brown (a neutral I chose to use below) is with blue and orange. So, in my minds eye I saw the oranges of the fall foliage along with the browns and blues in our clothing.

Photo by Closer North Photography

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