maine maple weekend

Maine Maple Weekend – Take Two

Many sugar shacks are open for Maine Maple Weekend. Some are only open on Maine Maple Sunday. So as a local, we compared the two days. If you’re most concerned with getting some tasty maple products without any added attractions, Saturday is your day. However, not all sugar shacks are open on Saturday. Check before you go out. Saturday is the day to get in and get out without too much hassle or crowds.

However if you want to do the pancake breakfasts, see the live music, chainsaw artists and other local fare added on actual Maine Maple SUNDAY then that’s the day to go. It’s very much an event! Just know that the roads will be heavily trafficked and you’ll likely to have to park a little way from the actual sugar shack on the side of narrow road. So, bring shoes that are good for walking in mud. A lot of sugar shacks partner with other vendors and offer breakfasts. It’s a great way to spend some quality family time together!

More on our Maine Maple Saturday here.

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maine maple weekend

Sugar shacks come in all shapes and sizes. Some are wood powered like Sunrise Farm’s set-up here in Raymond, Maine. The whole operation is hand tended and watched the entire time. You know you’re gonna get the best quality they can produce when they’re watching the carefully the whole time!

Below, Sweet William’s Maple Syrup laid out a very educational spread.

syrup gallons maple tools of the trade

They also had free face painting and balloon animals for the kids (our 3 yo loved his blue dog)! For free samples there were baked beans, butter, ice cream and fried dough all with syrup of course. 

sweet williams syrup maine

fried dough with syrup

maine maple weekend

Again, be prepared for crowds on Sunday and wear sloshing shoes. Maine Maple Weekend is a great way to get out and celebrate our almost spring weather and support some local businesses!

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