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Consider This – Mommy & Me Photo Sessions

May & Mother’s Day are just a few short weeks away which means Mommy & Me photo sessions will be everywhere. Preparing for a Mommy & Me photo session is a lot like prepping for any small trip with littles. There are a couple of other things to consider, too.

The basics every mom knows, naps, snacks and knick-knacks! Make sure your littles are well rested (naps beforehand if your sesh is later in the day) and have a small amount of snacks on hand for any hungry bellies. Bring a favorite small toy to enjoy in case they’re uninterested in participating right away. Kids can be shy especially in front of new people and cameras. So having something fun and familiar helps open them up.

Speaking of being shy, make sure to check-out your photographer. You want someone who is comfortable photographing and interacting with littles. Kiddos can be challenging and may take extra time to capture. If your photographer is offering Mommy & Me sessions they should be good with kids, but it doesn’t hurt to ask to see a few shots from past sessions. 

Don’t forget about yourself! That’s always easier said than done when caring for small children, but the same rules apply to you. You’ll want to try to be rested to avoid puffy dark circles and short circuits. You’ll also want to have more on your stomach than just coffee. If you’re not into it your kiddos won’t be either.

Wardrobe. You don’t have to be in matching outfits. but chances are if you’re spending the time and money on your mommy and me session you’ll want to look good. I suggest coordinating your colors. It makes the final product more cohesive. Your eyes will be focused on those bright and smiley faces more. You can read more on coordinating colors here

mommy & me session by Briana Daily Photography

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