MAINE Apple Picking

After moving south we had to find a new Maine apple orchard to visit for our annual apple picking. Our first stop was Randall Orchards in Standish, Maine. The grounds are beautiful, and the owners are friendly! If you’re visiting Maine in the early fall I highly suggest checking out the local orchards for a fun outdoor adventure.

My little guy had a blast jumping for the apples and ripping them off. Haha.

Not only are the grounds lovely in the fall, but they’re dreamy in the spring, too. Look at all these blossoms! My littlest was a touch sick here, but still well enough to enjoy some sunshine! The chipmunks provided extra entertainment along the rock wall. They were popping in and out of the crevices and kept the kiddos guessing.

It’s a perfect pit-stop in the spring or full-on mini-trip in the fall! If you’d like to get a little further out to pick your bushel or 1/2, there’s even a tractor ride! My kids loved it! They also haveĀ  a small museum. Gotta get in a little of that education to round out the day.

The orchard also had fresh cider and pumpkins for sale.


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