Naples, Maine Farmer’s Market


Right next to the Naples Fire Department

Now this is my kinda thing! I love a good farmer’s market, and this one is literally just getting off the ground. It’ll be taking place every Sunday from 10 A.M. until 2 P.M. at 1074 Roosevelt Trail in Naples, Maine! Local organizer, Bob, told me that the plan is to have the famer’s market every year from spring through fall along with possible agricultural fairs and cook-offs! 

Don’t these look delicious? I’m not eating tomatoes right now because I’ve currently eliminated nightshades to see how they affect me, but I was tempted. The vendor even had lemon boy’s, a yellow, low-acid tomatoes for those of us who still love tomatoes, but can’t stomach the acid. It was also all organic. He was selling  natural essential oil soap, too! 

Okay. I’m not going to lie. I was searching my brain for friends and family who would appreciate this gift because with Christmas around the corner I couldn’t justify the $$ on myself. I’m still thinking. The top cuff is real Maine tourmaline and the bottom cuffs are actual silhouettes of Maine mountain ranges! Each mountain range is hand cut by Cynthiamae Designs, a local Naples, Maine jeweler. So they’re all one of a kind. I’m still gawking over these!

Well, here’s my Naples, Maine farmer’s market haul. Some natural soap ($4 each) and a beautiful organic acorn squash that I paid $1 for. I haven’t decided how I’m preparing it tonight. What’s your favorite way to cook up an acorn squash? Mashed, roasted, stuffed…?

You can find out more information on Naples’ Farmers Market right on the Town of Naples Facebook Page. Bob also said they’ll be holding a jack-o-lantern carving contest in October, too!

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