Maine Lighthouse, Pemaquid

When you think about visiting Maine what’s one of the first things you think about? Lobster. Moose. A Maine lighthouse! Pemaquid Light is one of the most recognizable lighthouses in Maine. I’m ashamed to say it took me 7 years of living in Maine before I made it out there, but I finally did it! The view from the coastline is stunning and worth the trek at least once. Damariscotta is the main town on your way out to the coast and there are several restaurants and little shops to explore there, as well. I personally love Rising Tide Co-op for a quick, DIY, healthy snack and my Avena Botanicals fix. Granite Hall Store in Round Pond is off the beaten path by about ten extra minutes, but also worth it. It’s a Maine gift shop with something for everyone and deceptively large. It’s also one of the few stores left with a Penny Candy Bar! So wind up those kids, and let them burn it off at Pemaquid! Haha.

My kiddos really had a fun time running around the rocks, albeit with us right next to them. The waves at the end of the break were no joke! The striations of granite in the rocks were also really interesting to look at. It made me think about the geology of the place and how at some point, way back when there was a volcano that poured those slabs.

By the time we arrived for sunset the lighthouse and museum inside were closed. However, if you arrive between 9 and 5 in season you can actually get into this lighthouse, the Keeper’s House and the Fisherman’s Museum for a $3 fee.  Bargain!


Isn’t getting your own family to pose for photos fun? I’m guessing by the time my kiddos hit 6  they won’t even look in my direction anymore. Haha. I try to choose my moments carefully, and not burn them out on, “say cheese,” time!

Sunset was a gorgeous time to be at this Maine Lighthouse, but I’ve got to get back here for a sunrise! It has to be exquisite. Some of my favorite photographs of this lighthouse from other photographers are sunrises.

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