DIY Wildflower Crown Session!

When you have a canvas this cute and still willing to pose a little you take advantage of it (but not too much or they get burnt out and won’t “cheese,” anymore.)

I was feeling extra this day. So I handmade her wildflower crown from the flowers on our lawn. This little pink one was the second rendition. The first got a little beat up as she kept throwing it off. By the 2nd flower crown she didn’t want to throw it as much. 😀 Children’s photographers have to have patience. They also know you have to find something the child enjoys and let them be them. The best way to photograph kids is t o catch them in their own element, just like my continued attempt with the flower crown. By the time I put #2 on her head she was more comfortable with it. New things often capture their attention most. Bubbles, bugs and flowers are amazing. Going for walks with littles is always unpredictable and fun to photograph, too!

At some point she picked up an acorn. Now trust me I kept an eye on that acorn because she’s at the ‘put everything in my mouth’ phase. But I knew if I took it away all HE** would break loose.

Eventually, It did wind up in her mouth, and right after I took the picture I ran over there and took it right out.

I couldn’t find a good graphic of how to make a flower crown, and of course I didn’t take my own before and during. Wha-wha-wha.  a lot of other tutorials out there seem to use florist tape. I did not. I can however show you better pictures of the after.

diy wildflower crown

The process is more of tying each new strand around the other stems as you go. Looping the flower strand around the other stems as close to the flower bud as possible is also beneficial. It prevents the blossoms from drooping and unraveling. Mine was by no means perfect. For me though those little imperfections are what make it our own. Just like those buds hanging off the right side of the crown that were driving me crazy. But if I stopped to fix it, I don’t think she would’ve let me put it back on. Haha. It’s definitely my philosophy to let kids explore and be kids during photo shoots. Otherwise, you just get a bunch of grumpy faces or worse tantrums.

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